PLH Arkitekter's design plans for the new residence, Source: City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen to build a modern residence for young people with special needs

Copenhagen to build a modern residence for young people with special needs

The building will focus on welfare technology and sustainability

To young people and adults with developmental disabilities, the simplest of tasks can often be challenging. Acknowledging the difficulties that those with special needs face, the City of Copenhagen has taken an important step to help improve their lives. More specifically, it announced the construction of a new residence for young people with developmental disabilities in Østerbro.

The primary aim of this project is to make life easier and more comfortable for young people with special needs. Mayor Lars Weiss commented on this, noting: “Copenhagen must be a city with room for everyone – and all Copenhageners must have the opportunity to live a good and safe life, regardless of their special needs.”

Focus on welfare technology and climate

Climate and innovative welfare solutions have been prioritised during the planning of this project. That is, according to a press release by the City of Copenhagen, the residence will include technology designed to increase the safety and security of young people.

Taking this further, there will be information screens and applications which will keep residents informed about activities, meals, etc. What is more, there will be lights which will automatically turn on in the morning to wake the residents and turn off in the evening to help them go to sleep.

It is important to note that the new building will be a part of Copenhagen’s Climate Square: a project run by the technical and environmental administration to promote sustainable urban renewal in the city.

As such, the building will be constructed in a way that is sustainable and climate-friendly. Expanding on this, the City of Copenhagen reported that the residence will collect rainwater which will then be used for the washing machines and bathrooms in the building.

The project has been designed by PLH Arkitekter and the building is expected to house twelve people. Its construction will massively contribute to the improvement of the lives of young people with special needs as it will offer them safety, security, and comfort.



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