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Copenhagen to introduce 15 new time-limited parking zones

Copenhagen to introduce 15 new time-limited parking zones

It wants to free up space and prevent drivers from leaving their vehicles parked in the same spot for too long

On 10 May, the Danish City of Copenhagen revealed its plans to introduce a total of 15 new time-limited parking zones. With the introduction of these zones, the capital wants to prevent drivers from leaving their vehicles parked in one spot for a long time. Moreover, it seeks to free up space in the city and make more room for residents.

Including citizens in decision-making

In a press release, the municipality revealed that it has received numerous inquiries from residents who wish to tackle long-term parking. As a result, the capital took action and introduced parking zones that have three-hour limits in seven areas throughout the city. Now, it plans on rolling out another 15 zones.

“Long-term parking is a big nuisance in several places in the city. On Amager, for example, you can see that some drivers park at the metro stations and take the train to the airport and then leave their car to fill up the urban space while they are travelling.

It is the wish of many Copenhageners to limit long-term parking and, therefore, it is positive that new time-limited parking zones will be established,” explained the city’s Technical and Environmental Mayor Line Barfod.

Expanding on this, Barfod further explained that the capital will hold several citizen meetings where residents will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and voice their concerns. More specifically, the consultation process should help the municipality get input on the proposed zones and the period during which the time limits should apply.

The city will gradually roll out the 15 new time-limited parking zones from December 2022 to March 2023.



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