Design plan for the Martial Arts House, Source: City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen to open a modern Martial Arts House in 2022

Copenhagen to open a modern Martial Arts House in 2022

The establishment will contribute to a greener and more vibrant city centre

Last week, the Danish City of Copenhagen announced that the previously empty space in Nørrebro is now replaced by a concrete frame as construction of the capital’s Martial Arts House (Kampsportens Hus) has begun. According to the municipality, the establishment which is currently under construction will be the first martial arts house of its kind in Denmark.

A new meeting point with a focus on physical activity

It is hoped that the project will result in the creation of a new meeting point where the local community can gather to exercise and take part in new activities. The development will take up a total area of 5,000 square metres, with the indoor space covering 3,000 square metres.

This large, enclosed area will include various training facilities for martial arts in addition to play spaces for children. Expanding on this, the city envisions that day care centres, schools, and families will all use the martial arts house. Beyond this, it hopes that the outdoor area will benefit the local environment and contribute to the creation of a green, safe, and vibrant city centre.

“The house must form a breeding ground for good and close communities with a focus on physical activity. It will be a great gathering place for children and young people from the local area and the rest of the city who can improve their skills in the various disciplines of martial arts. And then, the house will give a big boost to the development of the area,” commented the Mayor of Copenhagen Lars Weiss.

In a press release, the municipality shared that the total cost of the project comes to approximately DKK 104.5 million (over EUR 14 million). The Martial Arts House will be built by the construction company Einar Kornerup and designed by the architectural firm Entasis. To reflect its intended use, the building will feature references to Asian culture and the martial arts of taekwondo, karate, and Thai boxing, among others.

The Martial Arts House will open its doors in mid-2022.



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