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Copenhagen to transform local school into state-of-the-art facility

Copenhagen to transform local school into state-of-the-art facility

Damhusengens School will soon feature several green oases, a dental clinic, and a daycare institution

On 13 September, the Danish City of Copenhagen reported that it will renovate and expand Damhusengens School as part of what it claims to be one of the capital’s largest school-related projects. Currently, Damhusengens is housed in two former schools: Hyltebjerg and Vanløse. Now, the demolition of the former Hyltebjerg school will ensure that space is freed up for the establishment of new buildings.

Focusing on sustainability

According to a press release, the Danish capital will focus on sustainability during the construction and renovation process. More specifically, it will take and reuse the materials from the demolished Hyltebjerg school. In particular, it will give life to 350,000 recycled bricks.

Children and Youth Mayor Jesper Christensen highlighted that Damhusengens will be far more than a traditional school. That is, Copenhagen envisions the creation of a new, state-of-the-art school that will feature a dental clinic and a daycare institution. What is more, Damhusengens will also have several small green oases as the city seeks to plant 250 new trees around the school’s brand-new play facilities.

“I look forward to following the project and seeing the new buildings take off in Vanløse. It is a district that attracts more and more families with children. It is therefore great to see that the area becomes a good and safe setting for Vanløse children from nursery age and up to 9th grade.

At the same time, the outdoor area will be a completely new urban space that provides space for communities in green surroundings, which I hope the local environment can benefit from,” Mayor Lars Weiss commented.

The renovation and expansion of Damhusengens School will cost approximately DKK 453 million (over EUR 60.9 million) and take 4 years.



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