Copenhagen wages war on antisocial nightlife behavior

Copenhagen wages war on antisocial nightlife behavior

Local authorities want to limit parties and antisocial behavior in the city’s parks by restricting the sale of alcohol and by dispersing partying crowds

Nightlife in the Danish capital of Copenhagen is preparing to suffer yet another blow as local authorities get ready to crack down on antisocial behaviour and late-night partying in the city’s parks. The new rules and regulations that are currently under consideration by Copenhagen’s mayor Frank Jensen come on top of the already existing measures that were introduced on 17 September meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the opening hours of nightlife establishments.

Limiting antisocial behaviour and making the city a better place

Frank Jensen has already made an attempt to limit antisocial behaviour in the city’s parks. Back in August the city’s mayor mandated for police officers to disrupt and disperse late-night parties in Copenhagen’s vast green areas. Yet the policy was unsuccessful as police officers were unable to handle all the ongoing parties.

Thus, officials have now come up with a new idea - to fight the problem at its source. More specifically, Mayor’s Jensen newest idea is to prevent the selling of alcoholic beverages after 8 PM in certain parts of the city. His proposal has already been submitted for review to the ministry of justice and awaits its verdict.

The alcohol ban is nothing new for Copenhagen as a similar policy was already being implemented up until 2005. Then, selling of beverages with alcohol content of over 2.8% was forbidden between the hours of 8 PM and 6 AM. That law, however, was scrapped in favour of the more liberal drink-friendly approach we see today.

The local government’s efforts to make Copenhagen a friendlier and more liveable city also take the form of increased fines for loud music as well as a proposal that will ultimately give local authorities the power to hand fines to those violating the public order.



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