Cyclists and pedestrians on a car-free bridge in Copenhagen

Copenhagen wants to build a new bicycle bridge

Copenhagen wants to build a new bicycle bridge

It would connect Nordre Toldbod with Refshaleøen as well as the city’s future district Lynetteholm

Copenhagen is considered to be the world’s most bike-friendly city. Now, more and more residents are choosing to cycle instead of drive. As a result, it is not surprising that the Inner Harbour Bridge which connects the city centre and Christianshavn/Holmen is often congested. For this reason, Mayor Lars Weiss is looking to build another bicycle bridge.

According to a press release by the municipality, the new bridge would connect Nordre Toldbod with Refshaleøen. What is more, it would also form a connection with Copenhagen’s new district Lynetteholm in the future.

“Copenhagen is the world's best cycling city, and it must continue to be so. That is why it is absolutely crucial that we consistently develop and expand the city with the cyclists in mind. A bicycle bridge between Indre By and Refshaleøen will help pave the way for cyclists on Refshaleøen and the upcoming district, Lynetteholm - and make it even easier for Copenhageners to get around the whole city by bike,” commented the Mayor.

A new study

A political majority has now reportedly set aside DKK 2 million (EUR 268,887) to investigate other possible connections across the port. The municipality explains that the study will explore and assess the following:

  • Possible routes over the harbour
  • Costs of establishing a new bicycle bridge
  • Physical design of the bridge
  • Effect on the traffic in the local environment, the sailing conditions in the port as well as the planned constructions in the area.

This study is expected to be completed during the summer or autumn of 2022. Following this, its results will be presented to Copenhagen’s Technical and Environmental Committee.

In recent years, Refshaleøen has become one of the city’s most popular destinations. As such, there is a high demand for car-free connections.

This demand will only increase further once the city’s new district Lynetteholm is developed. According to the aforementioned press release, Lynetteholm is imagined as a partially car-free district where bicycles will be the main means of transport.



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