Coronavirus leads to Helsinki cycling boom

Coronavirus leads to Helsinki cycling boom

Sales of bikes are up by a significant margin over the last couple of months

It would seem that one of the unforeseen and unexpected side effects that the coronavirus pandemic has had on locals in the Finnish capital of Helsinki has been to increase their love for cycling. Despite a recent sharp downturn and fall in the sales of other sporting goods, bicycles have not only remained afloat but have also surged in popularity among residents of the city.

According to local retailers, over the past few years, the sales of bicycles have stagnated and have registered close to zero growth – but the pandemic has completely changed that. Sales of bikes in the Finnish capital are 60 to 70% higher over the course of April 2020, compared to the same period of last year. No technological innovation has had the same effects on sales according to retailers as they attribute it to the recent unprecedented situation.

On the lookout for alternatives – for environmental and healthcare reasons

The coronavirus pandemic has led many people to reconsider how they want to spend their free time. And with social distancing measures in place, many have chosen a solitary approach that would also keep them healthy and active, while they remain at home for large periods of time.

That is perhaps the reason why bicycles have risen in popularity – they give citizens a perfect opportunity to exercise without coming into contact with others, thus adhering to the government’s distancing requirement and recommendations.

Another reason why people might be increasingly preferring bicycles is that public transport is not always considered a safe alternative. And even despite the extraordinary circumstances, locals in Helsinki have remained extremely environmentally conscious, thus preferring to look to other methods of transportation other than their personal cars and vehicles.



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