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Creating history with LEGO®?

Creating history with LEGO®?

Learn more about French history through a game

A unique pedagogic, educative and extraordinarily fun experience is awaiting visitors of the French Masséna Museum in the City of Nice. An exhibition designed together with the bricks LEGO®, the world's leading construction toy company, which represents history itself, can be seen 140 countries, among which France.

With the help of experienced builders, the museum curators have managed to make reproductions of buildings, objects, iconic characters, paintings and skits from the historical periods of the First Empire entirely out of LEGO® brick.

If you want to see brick models of the castle of Malmaison, the Arc de Triomphe, the headquarters of Napoleon I in Waterloo or the Castle of Saint-Cloud; as well as real size objects, including a clerk's office from the First Empire, the Civil code or the cocked hat of Napoleon I; paintings with portraits of Josephine, wait no more to book your tickets.

The exhibition is also accompanied by creative and fun workshops with animations, allowing for full scale development of the imagination.

Where? Masséna  Museum, 65 Rue de France 06000, Nice

When? Before March the 5th, 2019

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