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Croatia is the first EU member to successfully test the Digital Green Certificate system

Croatia is the first EU member to successfully test the Digital Green Certificate system

The Agency for Commercial Activity verified that all key components of the system are ready

On Thursday 13 May, Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović announced that Croatia is the first EU member to successfully conduct a pilot test of the Digital Green Certificate system. The Digital Green Certificates will be valid in all EU member states and facilitate free movement within them.

The European Commission explains that national authorities will be responsible for issuing the certificates to their citizens. This will be done by hospitals, test centres, health authorities, etc. Moreover, the certificates will act as digital proof that one has either been vaccinated, received a negative test result, or recovered from the virus.

In a press release by the Croatian government, Božinović explained that the Agency for Commercial Activity (AKD) has successfully performed testing and confirmed that “all key components of the Croatian system are functional”. More importantly, they verified that it is ready to start issuing certificates for 1 June. Božinović proudly emphasised that the agency fulfilled its task three days prior to its initial deadline.

How does the system work?

According to the Minister, the system generates and verifies QR codes for the three certificates which permit travel and free movement; to reiterate, these are proof of vaccination, negative PCR test, or immunisation. In addition to this, Božinović noted that the system can successfully share and exchange information with other EU member states.

As Croatia’s pilot test of the Digital Green Certificate system proved to be successful, the country is now working to outline the rules for issuing certificates to its citizens.

Easing epidemiological measures

According to the Minister, a possible easing of the epidemiological measures may also take place from 1 June as the number of infections is steadily decreasing. Moreover, the country is planning to implementing several pilot projects of various events. This includes a reception which was held on 13 May and a wedding ceremony scheduled for 15 May.

Commenting on the wedding ceremony, the Minister explained that 120 people will be invited to attend. The participants will include people who have been fully vaccinated, others who have recovered from COVID over the last 180 days, and some who have tested negative in the last 48 hours.

A week later, everyone who attended the trial gatherings will be tested and decisions regarding epidemiological measures for such events will be made according to the results.



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