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Croatia launches new campaign to promote rural tourism

Croatia launches new campaign to promote rural tourism

The country’s rural areas offer peace, serenity, and safety

This year, people are beginning to search for quieter and more peaceful destinations for their summer holidays. The pandemic has made thousands of travellers anxious and nervous about visiting crowded places which are full of tourists.

Knowing this, the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sports has collaborated with the Croatian National Tourist Board to launch a new promotional campaign: “Experience local. Explore rural country!” This campaign has been launched with the aim of encouraging rural tourism and inviting travellers to experience the beauty and serenity of the country.

Croatia’s first campaign of rural tourism

According to the ministry, the campaign will feature twelve thematic videos which will show tourists what they can experience in Croatia’s rural areas. In a press release, the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac explained that this is the nation’s first campaign of rural tourism. Essentially, Croatia seeks to use it to promote its natural and cultural heritage as well as the hospitality of its locals.

Furthermore, Brnjac commented on the pandemic and its effects on people’s travel choices as she noted: “Nowadays, when safety is one of the prerequisites for coming to a destination, and tourists are increasingly looking for a stay in nature and fresh air, rural tourism is a product that meets all needs.”

The director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić highlighted various other benefits of the country’s rural areas as he noted that it offers solitude, nature, home-grown food, and unique experiences. All of this undoubtedly allows tourists to see Croatia in a new and different light.

This promotional campaign will reportedly be conducted via online and offline communication channels. In addition to this, the social networks of Croatia Full of Life will also promote the campaign and the rural areas with the hashtags #RuralnaHrvatska and #DoživiDomaće.



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