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Croatia’s Sibenik inaugurates new IT incubator

Croatia’s Sibenik inaugurates new IT incubator

The Trokut Incubator makes up a part of the city’s overall agenda of fostering homegrown tech talent

Earlier last week, Sibenik welcomed the inauguration of its latest IT hub – the Trokut IT incubator. The site will serve as the launching pad for many entrepreneurs who have set their eyes on setting up new businesses in the field of tech.

The incubator boasts ample office space and accommodations and aims to foster a positive businesses environment that will generate jobs and growth the entirety of Sibenik and its surroundings – and most importantly, will make the city stand out even more as one of Croatia’s main drivers of innovation.

Fostering local talent

The launch of the Trokut incubator is an important milestone for Sibenik and represents how far the city (and the entire country) has travelled over the last few years. The inauguration was attended by a slew of dignitaries including Croatian PM Andrej Plenkovic and Sibenik’s mayor Željko Burić. The projects that will be in the works at the site will be implemented with the assistance of renowned partners such as Microsoft, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Šibenik Polytechnic and others.

During the unveiling ceremony, mayor Buric highlighted the administration’s efforts in making Sibenik a more attractive place to live in – not just an excellent spot to visit, by embracing modern technologies and investing in innovation. “Cultural heritage valorization projects such as the restoration of fortresses are attracting more and more visitors to Šibenik. Projects like Trokut encourage people to stay and live here. Trokut will enable Šibenik students to get in touch with modern IT technology. A few meters from here, the Palacin dormitory is being built, and on the other hand, within the iNavis complex, there is a study of energy and renewable sources.

In cooperation with the Polytechnic of Šibenik and many successful companies in the IT sector, we will build a community that will enable a safer entrepreneurial start for young creatives. Our goal is to tell young people that they can study and live in Šibenik, and be connected to the whole world, " stated Buric during the opening ceremony.



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