Croatian Railways are granting free ride to national residents aged 65+, Source: Depositphotos

Croatia to let retirees ride for free on trains in 2024

Croatia to let retirees ride for free on trains in 2024

The program is meant as a pilot initiative to study its viability in the long term

Throughout 2024, Crotian retirees and people aged over 65 will be able to travel for free on the national railways (HŽPP) thanks to a pilot project. People who qualify will be able to apply for a HŽ Passenger Transport smart card and a profile, which will validate their right to use the services free of charge.

People who are eligible for the benefit must apply for the profile at a cost of 2.65 euros. Qualifying for the profile requires the presentation of a pension receipt from HZMO and an identification document for retirees. People aged 65 and above need only to present an identification document.

Said profiles can be purchased at any ticket office of the Croatian Railways for the price of 2.65 euros and will be valid until the end of 2024.

How to get the smart card

As for the smart card, candidate users for the free train rides need to fill out an application for its creation, which can also be obtained at the ticket office or on the Croatian Railways website. 

Then, the application and required documentation regarding pension or age verification should be submitted at the ticket office or via email. The smart card will be produced within 7 days of applying and can be collected at the ticket office where the application was submitted. 

Applications for the creation of a smart card have been accepted since 18 December 2023.



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