These kind of situations will disappear in Croatia after digitalization of toll booth payments, Source: Depositphotos

Croatia to replace highway toll booths with e-payment systems

Croatia to replace highway toll booths with e-payment systems

This will be of significant importance to tourists as well since many of them arrive and travel around the country by car

Croatian media sources reported today that the country's motorway administration (HAC) plans to remove the road toll booths and make paying for using the highways entirely electronic. As for when this will become a reality, the institution said that it depends on when the contract with the selected bidder gets signed – it will be two years after that.

Although it’s not yet clear when the digital payment system will be introduced, it’s already known that it will be in use for at least 15 years after that and without a need for any major upgrades.

The free flow of cars also has an environmental benefit

The new electronic toll payment system will be based on the free flow of vehicles. This is because there will be no need for cars to stop to make any payments, thus increasing throughput and reducing harmful emissions caused by traffic jams and queues. It also means that travellers can get a bit faster to their destination.

In reality, there will be two systems which will be available to car drivers when it comes to toll payment.

One, which will be compulsory for heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and buses, will be the ENC system, which requires the installation of a device in the vehicle.

However, that would be impractical for tourists who visit the country only occasionally. In fact, 85% of tourists to Croatia come by road.

That means that the new Croatian motorway payment system will be adapted for users who don’t need to purchase an ENC device. Instead, payment will be calculated and charged by reading the vehicle’s license plates. That option will be available to Croatian car owners as well.



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