Anti-viral suit, Source: Varteks

Croatian clothing company designs anti-viral suit

Croatian clothing company designs anti-viral suit

It eliminates the presence of viruses by 99% within 2 hours

The past year has resulted in numerous interesting innovations as the outbreak of COVID has revealed new demands and needs. As such, people and companies worldwide have begun to think creatively in order to produce and supply products that fulfil these demands.

Taking a case in point, the Croatian clothing manufacturing company Varteks recently announced the launch of a new anti-viral men’s suit. On 15 April, the company published a press release in which it detailed the characteristics of its product, claiming that it is the first of its kind in the Croatian markets.

ViralOff coating

The suit has an anti-viral coating which reduces the presence of viruses by 99% within 2 hours. According to Varteks, this fabric coating is known as ViralOff and it has been developed by the Italian manufacturer Marzotto and the chemicals company Polygiene. As the suit incorporates both safety and fashion, the company views it as a "significant milestone" in the industry.

Although one may expect this suit to have distinct features or look different, it does not actually differ from regular suits. Taking this further, the company explains that the suits are grey, classic cut, and made of fleece wool. The only thing that sets it apart is the aforementioned additional layer of anti-viral coating.

It is important to note that the coating has several other benefits apart from offering protection; that is, it reduces the need for cleaning and prolongs the life of the suit. Taking this further, Varteks writes that the chemicals found in the anti-viral coating do not cause allergic reactions and are not dangerous to the health of adults, children, or pets.

This product, paired with the numerous other innovations brought about by the pandemic, make us wonder what will come next. 



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