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Croatian sports infrastructure slated for major expansion

Croatian sports infrastructure slated for major expansion

National authorities will invest in a total of 23 sports venues around the country

The Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sports has announced that it will go ahead with its plans for investing in the renovation and construction of a total of 23 sports venues around the country over the course of 2020. The decision for said investment was first adopted by the Croatian government back in December 2019 but the outbreak of COVID-19 placed those plans in doubt.

Nonetheless, authorities have decided to stick to their guns despite the sudden and drastic change in circumstances and have finalized the allocation of nearly HRK 10 million to the 23 selected projects.

Investing in the future amidst a crisis

The 2020 investment is part of a larger overarching policy by Croatian authorities meant to modernize the country’s sports infrastructure. Since 2018, the government has invested over HRK 20 million and has completed works on some 25 sites. 

The decision adopted earlier in August concerns the following sites and objectives - reconstruction of the athletics track in Bjelovar and Velika, equipping the athletics track in Karlovac, co-financing of the reconstruction, construction and arrangement of football fields in Čakovec, Dugo Selo, Kneževi Vinogradi, Krapina, Krapinske Toplice, Mala Subotica and Mrkopalj, construction of tennis courts in Lipik, reconstruction of beach volleyball courts in Novalja, arrangement or construction of sports fields in Sutivan, Jasenice, Vodice and Daruvar and equipping, renovation or construction of sports halls in Vis, Vukovar, Donji Kraljevec, Pitomača and Sisak-Moslavina County.

With the latest investment, the total amount spent by the government over the last couple of years on construction and renovation efforts of sports venues surpasses HRK 30 million. Furthermore, the decision to go ahead with this latest batch also presents an excellent opportunity to generate employment and growth amid the slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic and will undoubtedly help Croatian authorities as they attempt to get the country’s economy back on track. 



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