Guide B electric bicycle, Source: Ljubičić Technology

Croatian tech company builds electric bicycle that acts as a tourist guide

Croatian tech company builds electric bicycle that acts as a tourist guide

The Guide B bike has been built for explorers and tourists

Mario Ljubičić, a young Croatian entrepreneur, came up with the idea of a unique electric bicycle that not only helps protect the environment but also acts as a tourist guide. Working with his relative Ivan Ljubičić, the young entrepreneur developed and invented the innovative "Guide B" bicycle.

What makes Guide B special?

Unlike a regular bicycle, Guide B has been created with tourists and explorers in mind. For this reason, it has been built to communicate with users, offering them information about the surrounding nature, landmarks, and their history. Furthermore, it allows users to select natural, historic, or gastronomic locations and choose routes that are either adventurous, natural, or historic.

What makes this electric bicycle even more special is that it can communicate with its users in 50 languages. In this way, it ensures that tourists and explores can feel comfortable and safe no matter where they go.

According to the online magazine Croatia Week, Guide B weighs 18 kg and has a top speed of 25km/hr. What is more, it can travel a distance of 160 km on a single charge.

Ljubičić first created an electric car

The Ljubičić Technology website tells the fascinating story of Mario Ljubičić who reportedly built a car from scratch at the young age of 18. In 2017, Ljubičić designed his electric vehicle EMmobile using old car parts. Since the young inventor could not find a similar model on the market at the time, he even resorted to developing his own electromobility solutions. By 2018, Ljubičić had fully built the futuristic vehicle.

Following this, the young entrepreneur looked to the world of cycling and decided to develop an electric bicycle. After extensive research and a lot of hard work, he developed Guide B alongside his colleague and programmer Ivan Ljubičić.

The Guide B bicycle has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Grand Prix at the ARCA International Exhibition of Inventions which was held in Zagreb last year.



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