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Cultural Heritage in Action: What challenges are European cities and regions facing?

Cultural Heritage in Action: What challenges are European cities and regions facing?

Read the newly published interactive report and apply to participate in the EU peer-learning scheme

The European Commission has previously selected Eurocities, KEA, ERRIN, Europa Nostra, and the Architects Council of Europe to implement the Cultural Heritage in Action project: the EU peer-learning scheme on cultural heritage. Now, on 13 December, Eurocities unveiled the new interactive publication on the subject, titled “Cultural Heritage in cities and regions: challenges and trends throughout Europe”. 

The new publication presents information gathered from the first phase of the Cultural Heritage in Action project, 32 case studies and 10 online peer-learning visits. What is more, it addresses the main challenges that European cities and regions face in terms of cultural heritage (e.g., inequality, social exclusion, rapid urbanisation, etc.)

In the new report, Eurocities reveals said challenges in-depth and provides the solutions of cities and regions. Expanding on this, the network shares that the publication primarily seeks to inspire others by showcasing 20 case studies of good practices.

Beyond this, the report further aims to inform readers about the current and future challenges affecting cultural heritage and how policymakers can address them. Lastly, it includes Top Tips and 10 steps promoting sustainable local cultural heritage policies at a local level.

To learn more about the project, read the digital report here.

Two ways to participate in the project

If you are part of the administration of an EU city, region, or rural area, you can now participate in the cultural heritage project by sharing your best practices. To do so, fill out an application here, describing your city’s work. The Cultural Heritage in Action programme will then select the top 30 practices which it will promote and publish. 

Alternatively, one can apply to become a peer-learning visit hostAs part of the Cultural Heritage in Action programme, experts, decision-makers and stakeholders visit cities and regions to learn from them and see how they implement successful policies or projects. These visits are reportedly organised by host cities or regions in collaboration with the programme. 

The application deadline for both calls is on 31 December 2021.



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