The 'E Kaddo fir de Vëlo’ gave out 1,000 info-packages and gadgets to passing cyclists , Source: Charles Soubry via City of Luxembourg

Cycling rates in Luxembourg are falling, but that is not the whole story

Cycling rates in Luxembourg are falling, but that is not the whole story

Recently, Luxembourg City published research outlining cycling activity showing people’s cycling habits are changing due to COVID-19

Last week, as part of the European Mobility Week 2021, officials in Luxembourg City made an evaluation of the use of cycling in urban areas. The campaign was called ‘E Kaddo fir de Vëlo’ and it was a joint initiative by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and – an organization dedicated to promoting cycling in the Grand Duchy.

The results from the research showed that, while the overall number of cyclists fell compared to last year, people may be changing the reason why they go out with a bike in the first place.

A drop fuelled by COVID-19

According to the results published by the city, compared to the first half of 2020, the overall popularity of cycling has decreased in 2021 by about 5.78%. The final result, though, obscures some of the details of the research.

The results point to an impressive 14% decrease of cyclists over the week (Monday through Friday), however, that is coupled with a 43% increase during the weekend. Experts explain that this is likely due to the Covid pandemic and lockdown measures.

Evaluation of cyclists 2020/2021 (January-June) - counted at 11 locations,
Source: City of Luxembourg

Because a lot of Luxembourgers do not have to commute to work, since the introduction of social-distancing measures in businesses, cycling has taken on a different role. Now, people use it for leisure and recreation, rather than a means of transportation.

Another factor that could be fuelling the recent drop in cycling is the poor weather from the first half of 2021, as well as the fact that public transportation in Luxembourg is free.

Information could be the answer

During the evaluation, the joint effort set up a counting point on the Schuman roundabout. There, they gave out 1,000 bags of gadgets and informational materials. The aim was to thank citizens for using a bike on their trips in town.

The informational material included a map of 170 kilometres of cycle routes in Luxembourg and the surrounding area, as well as a summary of the bike services the city has to offer. The informational package was rounded out by a compiled traffic laws and regulations leaflet, coupled with safety tips. The informational materials are freely available at all information points and cultural institutions throughout the city.



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