Cyprus adopts technology to battle coronavirus

Cyprus adopts technology to battle coronavirus

Thermal cameras and 3D printing of faceguards are meant to alleviate the pressure on public services

Countries are quickly discovering that traditional suppression methods are not enough to contain the coronavirus outbreak, which is why some of them have turned to modern technology in order to save lives and ensure healthcare professionals are not overwhelmed with new cases and patients.

Cyprus has become one of those countries – with both its private and public sectors taking measures and putting in extra efforts in order to alleviate the pressure on essential services and save lives.

Modern tech to the rescue

One of the most important measures that countries that were hit first by COVID-19 like South Korea and Singapore was the introduction of different traffic monitoring sensors in order to ensure people are staying where they are supposed to. Last week, the Cypriot government introduced similar measures.

Police officers will be using thermal cameras belonging to the country’s national guard and drones in order to keep an eye on traffic during night-time, thus facilitating the enforcement of curfews and the new traffic ban which prohibits travel between 9 PM and 6 AM. Police will be present on the ground in certain areas, while the drones will be conducting aerial surveillance and transmitting live to coordination centres.  

Another great innovation that is actively being put to use is 3D printers. Ever since they started becoming available en masse, many businesses have gotten their hands on these devices – and Cypriots are eager to put them to good use in order to help their countrymen get through the crisis.

As of last week, a total of 55 printers are being used to produce personal protective equipment – most notably faceguards that offer increased protection to hospital staff caring for and treating coronavirus patients.

The use of 3D printers as an essential tool for handling the pandemic is rapidly increasing around Europe with, for example, Czech cities also contributing to the effort by putting their own devices to use for the common good.



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