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Cyprus continues reopening cautiously

Cyprus continues reopening cautiously

The situation in hospitals is under control, but is seen to be volatile

Keeping its eyes wide open, the Cypriot government is moving on with gradual relaxation of Covid-19 restrictive measures. Yesterday, the Council of Ministers reaffirmed its commitment to implement the de-escalation strategy in slow steps, so as to prevent undoing society's strenuous efforts or endangering public health.

According to the latest data, the epidemiological indicators across Cyprus are stabilizing, but remain at unsafe limits. The situation in hospitals is under control, but is seen to be volatile and reversible, Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou said in a statement carried by the government’s Press and Information Office.

Laxer rules

Taking the above into account, and acting on the proposal of the Scientific Advisory Committee, the government decided the following:

  • Allow resumption, from 2 April, of classroom education in Primary Schools of the District of Limassol and Gymnasiums all over Cyprus. A programme will be drawn up for a rapid nasal antigen test for students.
  • Increase the maximum number of people allowed in private tutoring and private educational institutions to seven people, including the instructor (6 students plus 1 instructor).
  • Individual sports / championships (e.g. shooting, athletics, cycling) are allowed outdoors.
  • Increase the current limits on people in swimming pools and gyms, based on health protocols.
  • Customers can stay outside gambling and betting companies, provided that the service will be done exclusively in table seats and on a protocol basis.
  • On weekends, the number of text messages a citizen must send for movement during curfew hours is increased to three. On weekdays, it is allowed to send two text messages, as before.

A triptych of solutions

The above measures will be in force from 1 April to 30 April. The Council of Ministers will meet the week before Holy Week to assess possible introduction of Easter-related adjustments.

Minister Ioannou said in conclusion that adherence to Covid mitigation measures, tests and vaccinations is the triptych that will lead Cypriots to the end of the health crisis.



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