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Cyprus introduces 6 new Christmas-saving measures

Cyprus introduces 6 new Christmas-saving measures

Arrivals will be required to undergo a PCR test at their own expense and await the test result in isolation

Six new “Christmas-saving measures” to shield the population from potential incursion by the Omicron variant are in force from today across Cyprus. The measures were announced by the Minister of Health Michalis Hadjipantela after a meeting of the Council of Ministers last week.

Measures at a glance

To defend public health and protect vulnerable groups, the government has decided on the following rules:

  • From 6 December until 10 January 2022, all arrivals over the age of 12 will undergo a mandatory PCR test. Passengers have to cover the cost of the test worth EUR 15 - EUR 19 themselves and remain in self-isolation until receiving the test result. This applies to both foreigners and Cypriot residents regardless of immunity status.
  • From 6 December until 31 December 2021, 20 percent of the staff of each company or organisation in the service sector employing more than 10 people, excluding essential services, must switch to working from home.
  • From 6 December until 28 February 2022, all presentations of army reserve soldiers and national guards are suspended.
  • From 6 December to 10 January 2022, all Christmas or other events inside and outside shopping malls are cancelled.
  • Any other events organized by municipalities, communities and places of worship can go ahead on condition that organisers assume responsibility for observing the health protocols, including the SafePass requirement.
  • The government advises against school excursions being organized by private parties.

Announcing the additional restrictions, Minister Hadjipantela, as quoted by the government’s press & information office, praised Cypriots for their recent rush to vaccination centres. Cyprus has administered at least 1,339,063 doses of Covid vaccines so far. About 55.9 percent of the country’s population is fully vaccinated with 2 doses.

Hadjipantela explained the previous measures targeting children with a high infection rate among this age group. In the week from 20 to 26 November, 26 percent of all positive Covid-19 cases concerned minors, said the Minister.



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