Cyprus presents vision for improvement of beaches

Cyprus presents vision for improvement of beaches

The long-term vision for the upgrades will be carried out with the help of local communities and municipalities

The Cypriot tourism ministry has laid out its long and short-term goals for the next 10 years – and they include massive upgrade and renovation efforts on some of the island’s most popular and famous beaches. Among those that are in line for a boost are the beaches in Paralimni, Ayia Napa and Sotira.

Long-term goals for the development of tourism

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many countries in Europe to begin reconsidering their long-term tourism development plans. The realities of state-mandated social distancing and hygienic measures have been a disaster for businesses and entrepreneurs who in turn have had to rely on government support.

By focusing on long-term objectives and goals, Cypriot authorities are aiming to combine not only these new considerations, forced upon them by the outbreak of COVID-19 but also longstanding requests and needs put forward by cities and municipalities.

The Ministry of Tourism’s vision aims to create a strong bond between central and local institutions by intertwining their activities in the field of improving their tourism capabilities and offers. For example, through its partnerships with local and municipal governments, the Cypriot government will satisfy the needs of new high-quality umbrellas and sunbeds while simultaneously adhering to environmental concerns.

The proposed upgrades to the beaches also include the setting up of public toilets and recycling stations that will further help to solve issues that have been plaguing the beach areas for years. According to the government’s estimates, upgrade works should be completed by 2022 at the latest, pending the current iteration of the tourism ministry’s budget is approved.



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