SafePass scanning is easy with the new app, Source: PIO

Cyprus trials SafePass scans via new app

Cyprus trials SafePass scans via new app

SafePass validity checks via the CovScan application will be optional until 22 November and will become mandatory afterwards

On Monday began the trial period for checking the validity of the SafePass, the Cypriot immunity document, via the CovScan Cyprus application.

Trial period until 22 November

Following the decision of the Council of Ministers to mandate the use of the new app, the Ministry of Health informed last Friday that this measure will be implemented optionally and on a pilot basis from 8 until 22 November to allow adjustment time for those carrying out the checks and customers. After this date, it will be rendered mandatory and businesses that fail to scan each patron’s SafePass using the app will face a fine.

Now, most Cypriot residents will have the opportunity to acquire the European Digital Certificate (EUDCC) – including a QR code – for SafePass purposes, the government Press and Information office (PIO) announced.

As reported by the Cyprus Mail, there are ongoing discussions within the government on how to make arrangements for people, especially the elderly, who do not have a smartphone or cannot present the digital SafePass or the QR code in print form.

Domestic usage

Originally conceived as a means to reopen international travel, EUDCC was assigned a domestic usage by member states, including Cyprus.

The SafePass (initially known as ‘Coronapass’) was introduced on 5 May 2021, during the last lockdown. At first, it faced opposition from some businesses which grumbled about becoming the ‘police officers of the state’, but most have since become accustomed to the SafePass check as just another routine duty.

The CovScan Cyprus application is easy to use and can be installed on any device with Android operating system free of charge via Google Play. There is an explanatory video on YouTube showing how the application works.

Protection of personal data ensured

When the QR code indicated on the certificate (in paper or electronic form) is scanned, the app will display one of the following validity results:

Green: The certificate is valid. The holder has completed his/her vaccination cycle or has contracted COVID-19.

Yellow/Amber: The certificate is valid. The holder has conducted a PCR or rapid antigen test with a negative result.

Red: The certificate is invalid.

The government assures that the application shows only the name and date of birth of the holder and does not store any personal data or the history of checks.



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