Cyprus with strategic plan for the development of mountain regions

Cyprus with strategic plan for the development of mountain regions

The action plan will go on until the year 2030

The comprehensive plan to rejuvenate the mountain communities in Cyprus is close to completion. The proposal will be presented to the council of ministers on May 15. The process started in 2018 with the aim to seek how to reverse the decades-long depopulation of the Troodos area by attracting more people to live in it. Other key elements are how to promote tourism, balance the protection and exploitation of natural resources and improve infrastructure and transport.

To develop the plan, there have been three conferences, each about 15 days long and involving all stakeholders, such as technical committees, government officials, local communities and small business owners. All of them were asked for their input during the events. The scientists visited 114 communities, conducting research on how to address the problems facing the mountain villages. Now, the entire study is ready, complete with a timetable.

Some of the action plans included in the document are:

  • Opening a tourism office in Troodos, to help introduce the idea of mountain tourism as a distinct concept;
  • Courses for pupils who have finished secondary school will also be established;
  • Prepare students for jobs in hotels or agriculture.

In the study, detailed suggestions have been made regarding the feasibility of different scenarios. The strategic plan will be finished in May or June. The last step is the budget, which is not still finalised. How much is needed cannot be decided in 2019, as the projects and action will go on until the year 2030. The amount may not be more than is spent every year at present, but the difference is that up to now there has been no prioritisation. Each community will decide on its own how to spend the money.

Source: Cyprus Mail



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