Prime Minister Andrej Babiš during an extraordinary cabinet meeting, November 29, Source: Prime Minister Andrej Babiš during an extraordinary cabinet meeting, November 29 / Government of the Czech Republic

Czech government alleviates coronavirus restrictions

Czech government alleviates coronavirus restrictions

After observing one of the highest infection rates worldwide for weeks

Czechia will be alleviating the existing coronavirus restrictions, starting on Thursday, 3 December. On this date, all bars and restaurants and non-essential shops will be allowed to reopen, observing a strict sanitary protocol. This was announced at a press-conference after an extraordinary governmental meeting held in the evening of 29 November.

Czechia lifts lockdown with caution

The Czech Republic will move to the third stage of the anti-epidemic PES system on Thursday. On this date all shops and services, including non-essential, will be able to resume operations observing strict hygienic measures. Bars and restaurants will reopen, too with limited indoor seating.

It will be possible to organise Christmas markets, but people will not be able to consume purchased food on the spot. The limit of public gatherings is raised to 50 people outdoors. The curfew and the ban on Sunday sales will also be lifted, but masks will remain mandatory for indoor and selected public spaces. Children will start returning to class in limited numbers.

Further loosening of government-ordered measures will allow for the transition from level four (red) to level three (orange) of the anti-epidemic system, that had been unanimously agreed on by the various authorities. Currently, the country is in the last-but-one stage of the unfolding of the pandemic, qualified as 'serious'.

In the fourth stage, the number of infected people is high, there is a significant immediate risk of further deterioration of the situation, tracing of contacts is limited, and community spread of the disease is taking place.

In the middle third stage (out of five), which will be activated on Thursday, the risk of community spread of the disease is still high and the infections grow at alarming rate, so the alleviation of the measures should not be be understood as irreversible. On the contrary, health minister was adamant that these restrictions will not be further alleviated until the end of the year.



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