Flower garden in Kroměříž - one of the sites which will become accessible to the public, Source: Open Gardens Weekend

Czechia holds Open Gardens Weekend 2021 on 12-13 June

Czechia holds Open Gardens Weekend 2021 on 12-13 June

More than 200 private sites and gardens will become accessible to the public this weekend

On 12 and 13 June, residents and tourists in Czechia will be allowed to visit and explore gardens that are otherwise inaccessible throughout the year. This will be possible thanks to the annual Open Gardens Weekend event which is held by the Society for Garden and Landscape Creation and the National Monuments Institute.

It must be noted that, despite the name of the event, various buildings and establishments will take part. In other words, the two-day experience will allow visitors to access numerous private sites including castles, squares, historic cemeteries, monasteries, arboretums, botanical gardens, and flower farms.

Over 200 establishments are taking part this year

The Open Gardens Weekend event first took place in 2010 when only 3 gardens became accessible to the public. People’s interest rapidly grew with time, and the two-day experience proved to be a success. Now, more than 200 gardens from all over the country have announced that they will take part in this year’s Open Gardens Weekend. 

What can you experience at the event?

According to the event’s website, the aim is to increase people’s awareness of and interest in garden architecture and public spaces. As such, the Open Gardens Weekend will offer a rich programme with educational, guided tours that recall the so-called “stories and secrets” of objects which are located in the enclosed areas.

Furthermore, each participant will reportedly plan their own programme and visitors will therefore have access to a variety of activities based on which site they visit. More specifically, certain establishments will offer guided tours whereas others will also include concerts and plays. In this way, the Open Gardens Weekend 2021 considers the interests of all visitors.

On the whole, this two-day event will allow residents and visitors to experience something new, enjoy nature, and learn about the history of Czechia.

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