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Düsseldorf’s new bike app ensures green wave for cyclists

Düsseldorf’s new bike app ensures green wave for cyclists

Over 70% of the city’s traffic lights have been synced with the new app

As part of its efforts to promote cycling and other different mobility alternatives, Düsseldorf has been working on its brand-new “traffic pilot” app. Through it, cyclists can always keep an eye on traffic lights on their path and can structure their routes accordingly, so as to face as few delays as possible.

The app is now available on both iOS and Android and is in sync with over 70% of traffic lights across the city.

Bicycles – the vehicles of the future

Holding the belief that cycling is the way to go and aiming to make it an even more popular mobility alternative, officials in Düsseldorf have been tinkering with solutions that would make travel by bike easier, more convenient and more efficient.

Thus, “traffic pilot” was born. It is synced up with some 70% of the city’s more than 600 traffic lights and gives users the best possible forecasts of “green waves” when travelling. As explained by the municipality, most traffic lights operate in set intervals, making their behaviour easy to predict – but in some places, they react to outside interference, such as to pedestrians pressing buttons to cross the street or at busy intersections. In order to operate with maximum certainty, the app displays only those traffic lights of which it is certain how they behave.

By providing such knowledge to cyclists, the city wants to make it easier and safer to travel by limiting the need for sudden stops and by allowing users to plan the quickest possible journey.

In the future, however, the app, developed under the funding program "Automation and Networking in Road Traffic" of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and spearheaded by Düsseldorf itself, will boast even more smart functions. One of the objectives of the developers is to have cyclists register virtually at each traffic light – functioning much like the pedestrians’ use of buttons to indicate that they wish to cross a street, it will give them the opportunity to make their journey quicker themselves, rather than depending on circumstances outside of their control.

Florian Reeh, Head of Düsseldorf’s Office for Traffic Management expressed his optimism that cycling can become even more popular among locals with appropriate support – like the “traffic pilot” app. He stated that "The app is part of the digital traffic turnaround. “Traffic pilot” allows for relaxed cycling through the city. The bicycle, as the mobility solution of the future, will be more comfortable and therefore even more attractive."



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