The new anniversary sheet of stamps, Source: PostNord Danmark

Danish post to issue special stamps depicting the Queen in 1972 and now

Danish post to issue special stamps depicting the Queen in 1972 and now

They will be published on 3 January to mark the Queen’s 50th anniversary of reign

On 14 January 1972, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II became Denmark’s regent after the death of her father, King Frederik IX. Now, to mark the 50th anniversary of her reign, PostNord Danmark will publish a special anniversary sheet with 3 stamps on Monday, 3 January.

A mirror image of the Queen

The first stamp on the sheet will depict the Queen’s first official photograph, taken in 1972 when she was only 31 years old. The sheet’s third stamp will portray a similar yet completely different image. In other words, it will show Her Majesty the Queen as her contemporary self, looking back at her younger reflection 50 years later.

Between these two versions, PostNord Danmark has included a stamp of the Royal Arms, the symbol of the kingdom. Commenting on the idea behind the special anniversary sheet, Design Manager Martin Pingel shared:

“Our idea is to show a mirror image of the Queen, so we get the time span of the 50 years. With the Royal Arms between them, the young Queen looks forward to the upcoming task, while the experienced Queen looks back on the 50 years that have passed.”

Pingel went further, explaining that the Danish post has issued numerous stamps with the face of the Queen over the past several years. This, according to him, proves that she is “the central focal point of the country”. With the new stamps, PostNord Danmark hopes to add a small but significant piece to the history of both Her Majesty the Queen and her kingdom.

From Monday, people will be able to purchase the special anniversary sheets at selected post offices in the country and online on the website of PostNord Danmark.



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