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Danish railways return to providing refreshment services

Danish railways return to providing refreshment services

The national railway operator has decided to bring back an old practice that will lead to improved passenger satisfaction

Whether you’re a frequent user of the Danish national railways or are simply an on-and-off passenger, the latest decision taken by the operating company is bound to please you.

Marking a return to an old and very much-loved practice, passengers will now be able to purchase coffee and other refreshments while onboard the trains.

Blast from the past

Back in 2014, DSB, the Danish State Railways company, decided to phase out a much-loved practice of offering a wide range of snacks, drinks and various foodstuffs aboard its trains. The reason cited by the operators was that due to financial difficulties and the company’s increasing deficit, some services would have to be cut.

In the year prior to the catering service’s cancellation, DSB reported a net annual loss of between 86 million and 115 million kroner.

Yet passengers were left out in the cold – the complete phase-out of the refreshment sales aboard the trains let to the disappointment of many frequent users of the Danish national railways.

A few years later, in 2017, DSB began gradually reintroducing the service – allowing for the sale of water, potato chips and marzipan bars. The reintroduction was scaled up recently with a new addition that will undoubtedly lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Now travellers aboard the DSB trains will find 7-Eleven store employees carrying backpacks with coffee holders and dispensers as well as an increased variety of snacks and foodstuffs – such as sandwiches, buttered rolls and others.

“We have introduced it because customers have asked for it and have done so for a long time,” stated Ulrik Harms-Bauer, the retail manager of DSB Kort & Godt, as quoted by

Answering public demand and thus improving the quality of the service is a surefire way to help boost the popularity of the Danish railways. That, in turn, would lead to an increased passenger count and a reduction of the use of other more polluting vehicles.



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