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Denmark invests in the improvement of elderly care

Denmark invests in the improvement of elderly care

Municipalities will receive funding to employ new staff and train unskilled employees

On 8 June, the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and the Elderly announced that it is committed to ensuring that senior citizens are cared for and supported in the best way possible. More specifically, it shared that the government is planning to invest in elderly care by training unskilled employees and hiring professionals.

All municipalities will receive funding

Under the Finance Act 2021, it has been agreed that DKK 225 million (over EUR 57 million) will be set aside this year. With this money, municipalities will employ more than 1,000 new employees and train the workers who are currently unskilled. Moreover, the aforementioned amount will increase to DKK 450 million (over EUR 60 million) for 2022-2023 and DKK 500 million (over EUR 67 million) for 2024.

Funds will be distributed among the Danish municipalities based on the number of elderly citizens living in the cities. The money will then be used to employ replacement staff for unskilled employees who, in the meantime, will receive the opportunity to pursue education in health and social care. Once they complete their studies, they will then be qualified to resume working as professionals in the field.

In this way, the government seeks to guarantee that elderly citizens receive the care they deserve. The Minister of Social Affairs and the Elderly Astrid Krag commented on the importance of this investment: “It must be safe to grow old in Denmark, and our elderly have the right to be treated with care, dignity, and a strong professionalism. With this agreement, we raise the quality of our elderly care.”

By investing in elderly care, Denmark not only improves the lives of its senior citizens but also invests in the education of the younger generations. As such, it demonstrates its commitment to the overall wellbeing of the nation.



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