Offshore wind turbines are one of symbols of the renewable energy revolution

Denmark invites you to take a 3D helicopter tour to its offshore wind farms

Denmark invites you to take a 3D helicopter tour to its offshore wind farms

The country’s government wants to share its know-how and experiences with the world as a way to inspire global green transition efforts

Denmark is something of a pioneer in the field of offshore wind-generated energy counting with more than 30 years of experience in that sphere. Based on this success, the Danish Energy Agency has launched a virtual interactive platform that lets anyone get acquainted with the process of developing offshore wind farms.

The project was developed in collaboration with the country’s Foreign Ministry. It is primarily aimed at governments and entrepreneurs from other countries, which might be interested in developing renewable energy markets in their part of the world.

Upscaling offshore wind internationally can contribute to energy security, a just energy transition, and decarbonisation including green hydrogen and power-to-X. Denmark only emits around 0.1% of the world’s CO2 emissions and our national climate efforts cannot stand alone.

By sharing our offshore wind experiences, we can help other countries by making it easier, less costly, and less time-consuming to develop an offshore wind industry and reduce their CO2 emissions,” says Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, who also appears on the interactive platform.

It's the closest to a real-life tour

The Nordic country built the world’s first offshore wind farm in 1991 and today, Denmark has an installed capacity of approximately 2.3 GW. In 2022, wind power is estimated to cover 50% of the national electricity production.

The 3D online tour was done with convenience in mind. It lets anyone curious about renewable wind energy get closely familiarized with the way this vibrant Danish sector works. Saving on trips to Denmark is also very sustainable from an emissions point of view.

The website introduces its audience to the history of transitioning to offshore wind presenting different parts of offshore wind development by breaking it down into key topics.

Danish Energy Agency already cooperates with several of these countries, including the United States, Korea, Japan, France, and India. The platform is the latest tool in governmental partnerships offering a wide variety of features such as:

  • 3D helicopter ride to an offshore transformer platform;
  • Learning about the different areas of the offshore wind supply chain through experts working within the wind industry on a daily basis. Meet them through the menu in the "Power room" at the substation;
  • Exploring the visual effects of wind turbines at different distances from shore.

The platform is available in English, Japanese, and Korean.



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