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Denmark lifts all Covid-related restrictions from today

Denmark lifts all Covid-related restrictions from today

The high number of vaccinated people allows for the country to return to normal

As of today, 10 September, all restrictions with regards to the coronavirus in Denmark are lifted, local media reports. This is possible as a large part of the population is now vaccinated. Moreover, as of today, Denmark will stop designating COVID as a ‘socially critical disease’ and citizens are no longer required to show a certificate for their immunity against COVID.

In Denmark, over 80% of adults are vaccinated

As we previously informed, in June the Danish government announced its plans to phase out all restrictions related to the coronavirus by September (with some exceptions for nightlife venues) and so far, they are more or less following the initial plan.

One of the first major changes came on 13 August when, even ahead of schedule, the use of face masks on public transport was abolished. At this point already, it became clear that things are gradually returning to normal in Denmark.

Consequentially, by the end of August, the national authorities had already announced that starting 10 September COVID-19 would no longer be categorised a socially critical disease, as a result of the country’s successful vaccine rollout and strong epidemic control. Respectively, the government no longer has a legal basis to maintain restrictions.

Later on, starting from the beginning of September, night venues were allowed to reopen, after 1.5 years of inactivity. Until today, visitors were required to show Coronapas, which is no longer the case.

It should be noted, however, that even if restrictions are dropped and 82% of the population over 12 years of age is vaccinated, the coronavirus pandemic is still present. Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke reminded that new rules could be introduced, should the disease start to spread again and become a threat to society. Moreover, there will be some restrictions in place for those who arrive in Denmark, depending on the country or region they come from.



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