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Denmark makes sure people of all ages and abilities can access nature

Denmark makes sure people of all ages and abilities can access nature

It has launched a new website, listing 63 easily accessible facilities in nature

In June 2020, the Danish government set aside DKK 19 million (over EUR 2.5 million) for initiatives that would improve summer life and experiences for all citizens. Now, the Danish Ministry of the Environment has announced that it has succeeded in making a number of facilities accessible for people who use wheelchairs, prams, and walkers.

A new website for easily accessible facilities and nature experiences

According to a press release by the Ministry, the Danish Nature Agency has collaborated with the Association of Young People with Disabilities to launch a new website which lists 63 experiences that have been made open and accessible to people of all abilities.

The website provides users with a map of 63 locations from all over the country. One must simply click on the location that interests them to see what experiences are offered in the area. The activities and sites which are listed on the website include hiking trails, viewpoints, and campsites, among others.

Nature must be open to people of all ages and abilities

Chairman of the Association of Young People with Disabilities Mads Edelvang-Pejrup commented on the significance of the new website, noting: “For many with disabilities, nature is not an easy place to go to because it is difficult to know if one can get from A to B and if the facilities are available.

The Danish Nature Agency's new website is a good step in the right direction, which makes it possible to gather information about the nature that is already easily accessible in one place, so that it is easy to find.”

Similarly, Minister of the Environment Lea Wermelin expressed her thoughts as she noted that all citizens must be able to experience and enjoy nature. With the launch of this website and the government’s continuous efforts to improve the lives of all, Denmark proves that it cares about its citizens.  

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