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Denmark’s new initiative will strengthen the country’s green transition

Denmark’s new initiative will strengthen the country’s green transition

It seeks to ensure cleaner air, greener traffic, and more space for nature

On 27 May, the Danish government presented “Closer to Green Cities and a Capital in Development”: an initiative that outlines 19 measures to strengthen the country’s green transition and create a lively, vibrant capital.

Denmark has already made important steps and achieved many of its green goals. Taking a case in point, the Ministry of Taxation recently reported that the country has experienced an astonishing surge in the sale of green vehicles. What is more, Denmark is also ahead of its initial schedule to achieve its climate goals.

Acknowledging this, the government reported that although the country has made significant progress, it must not stop moving forward. As such, its latest proposal seeks to ensure even more space for nature, cleaner air, and greener traffic. In addition to this, the government wants to further stimulate business development and meet the increasing demand for housing.

Targeting larger cities

“Closer to Green Cities and a Capital in Development” targets Denmark’s biggest municipalities and the capital city. With the new plan, the government states that large cities in the country should be given the opportunity to establish zero-emission zones and introduce bans on old wood-burning stoves in areas with collective heat supply.

Minister of the Environment Lea Wermelin explained the importance of clean air, noting: “Too many Danes become seriously ill or die prematurely from air pollution, especially in the largest cities. Therefore, we will now take the next steps for cleaner air in the cities.”

Furthermore, the latest initiative also emphasises the significance of physical activity. As such, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg will receive the opportunity to increase their investments in sports facilities by a total of DKK 1 billion (EUR 134 million) in the period 2022-2030. Commenting on this, the government explained that children and adults do not have sufficient access to such facilities in these larger cities.

With “Closer to Green Cities and a Capital in Development”, Denmark once again proves its dedication to the environment and the development of a country that is green and safe for its citizens.



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