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Denmark's Vallensbæk will build a new and accessible park

Denmark's Vallensbæk will build a new and accessible park

Pileparken, a new park designed for people of all ages and abilities, will be completed by the end of summer 2021

The Municipality of Vallensbæk has already designed Pileparken: the new park in Vallensbæk Nord. Work on the park will start as soon as the snow melts and the weather changes; the municipality hopes that the park will be completed by the end of summer 2021.

Nature and playgrounds

Flowers, fruits, and playground equipment will be planted and installed in the new park. The Mayor of Vallensbæk, Henrik Rasmussen, shared that one of the key aims is to ensure biodiversity and sustainability when building the green space. Thus, Pileparken will have a meadow, a lawn, and an orchard from which parkgoers will be able to pick fruit when it is ripe.

In addition to this, there will be games and playgrounds designed for both children and adults. These will include a playhouse, a maze, and a campfire hut, among many others.

For people of all ages and abilities

Vallensbæk’s Pileparken is located between Pilehavehus, Klub Nordmark and the Piletræet, Birkely and Løkkebo institutions. It is important to note that Pilehavehus is a home for the elderly while the three institutions and Klub Nordmark are centres for children. It follows then that all generations had to be considered when the park was being designed.

John Sørensen, the operations manager from Vej og Park in Vallensbæk, explained that finding a link between the interests of the elderly and the children has been an exciting process, as the municipality’s website reported. Sørensen further noted that all generations can come together to admire and talk about the nature surrounding them.

To ensure that the park is accessible and inclusive, the Municipality will also have paths laid out throughout the park. Thus, people of all abilities will be able to enjoy the green space.

“The new park will be for everyone,”  guaranteed Mayor Rasmussen.

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