Denmark seeks to bolster e-scooter safety regulations

Denmark seeks to bolster e-scooter safety regulations

An ever-increasing number of the vehicles are being used by citizens, but accidents are still commonplace

With the rise of the use of e-scooters in Denmark, more and more citizens have been flouting the rules related to driving them – which, unsurprisingly, has led to many accidents and injuries. In order to prevent as many as possible, the Danish transport ministry has introduced a draft bill that will make the use of protective headwear while riding such vehicles mandatory.

Acting in the common interest

Electric scooters have been a major issue for many European cities, with some of them even choosing to heavily restrict their use or even ban them outright. In Denmark, however, the vehicles are only growing in popularity – and authorities want to address the issues that this has created.

Danish Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht explained that “There are now many rental scooters in the traffic picture, and unfortunately we see that they are often used for transport in the nightlife, where alcohol is also often involved. A helmet requirement in this regard will hopefully contribute to extra focus on safety.”

Thus, the Ministry has submitted a new draft bill that is now up for debate meant to make the use of protective headwear mandatory when riding e-scooters, motorized skateboards and other self-balancing vehicles. This change is a result of the government’s findings that the risk of accidents is 7 times higher when aboard a scooter compared to when driving bicycles.

“Unfortunately, there are still far too many who go wrong on electric scooters. Therefore, I would like it to be mandatory in future to wear a helmet in connection with driving. I look forward to an open debate on the proposal for the new rules and perhaps also other ideas on how we can turn the tide,” continued Minister Engelbrecht.



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