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Denmark to relax COVID restrictions from 21 April

Denmark to relax COVID restrictions from 21 April

Travelling in and out of the country will soon be possible

The Danish government has announced that the country will gradually ease travel restrictions from 21 April. This reopening will consist of four phases where the fourth phase will be implemented alongside the EU Digital Green Certificate. More specifically, the government plans to allow travellers from EU member states and the Schengen Area to enter the country without having to quarantine by the end of June.

In a press release, the government explained that from 21 April, the world map of infections will no longer be coloured red. Instead, it will be divided into red, orange, and yellow countries. Furthermore, travel restrictions will be eased for business travellers and those who own remote holiday homes (ødegård) in other Nordic countries. Finally, the government announced that it will become more lenient when considering what reasons are acceptable for non-tourist travel into the country.

National "Corona pass"

Earlier this month, Denmark announced that people with a "Corona pass" certificate can visit certain small businesses, such as beauty salons. This certificate acts as proof that an individual has had a negative test in the last 72 hours or is immune to the virus; that is, they have either tested positive for COVID in the last 2-12 weeks or are fully vaccinated.

The "Corona pass" will allow people to dine outdoors as well as visit libraries, galleries, and museums from 21 April. What is more, children and teenagers under the age of 18 will also be permitted to engage in certain indoor sports activities.  

From 6 May, indoor sports will become permitted to adults too. More importantly, people will finally be able to dine indoors and attend cinemas, theatres, etc. It is important to note that individuals will be denied entry into these venues if they fail to present their "Corona pass" certificate.



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