Volunteers will match donations with requests to make sure refugees receive the appropriate bicycles for their age and experience

Denmark unveils website where citizens can donate bicycles to refugees

Denmark unveils website where citizens can donate bicycles to refugees

The Give a Bicycle initiative will help newcomers move around more easily

On 11 March, the Danish Ministry of Transport announced that it has teamed up with the Cyclists’ Association to provide Ukrainian refugees with free bicycles. Together, the bodies have launched the Give a Bicycle (Giv en cykel) initiative and a website where people can make donations and requests.

How does it work?

Those who want to donate a bicycle they no longer need or use can fill in a form on, sharing a photograph of the bike as well as information regarding its size and condition. Refugees arriving from Ukraine will also have to fill out a form to request a bike. Volunteers will then act as ‘local bicycle intermediaries’, matching donations with new owners.

“We can make a difference. As cyclists, we know how the bicycle gives us the freedom to get around. I hope that many of our members and other volunteers have the desire and opportunity to help people who have had to leave everything,” shared the National Chairman of the Cyclists’ Association, Jens Peter Hansen.

The Danish Minister of Transport Trine Bramsen also commented on the Give a Bicycle initiative, explaining that it will give newcomers freedom of movement and help them become part of local communities in the country.

To guarantee the safety of the new users, the website’s creators have also published a section on Danish cycling culture. There, one can find all the information they need regarding traffic rules and requirements.

The website is now officially up and running, allowing Danish citizens to start making donations. Within the next few days, the organisers will launch a translated version of the website, permitting refugees to make requests in Ukrainian.



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