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Deva to have a new cycling route along with sidewalks

Deva to have a new cycling route along with sidewalks

The project will be realized thanks to EU funding

The Romanian Municipality of Deva will add another 3 kilometres of bike lane thanks to European money that will also be used to renovate sidewalks. The City Hall has put out a tender for the elaboration of the technical and financial documentation, specifications, project verification, documentation for approvals and technical assistance from the designer for the project “Construction of the route for cyclists on Decebal Boulevard, Bulevardul 22 Decembrie and the adjacent area”.

Balanced development for all modes of transport in Deva

The bicycle lanes will have a length of 2990 meters. There will also be bicycle rental stations that will be located on Decebal Boulevard - near the intersection with Iuliu Maniu Boulevard and on 22 Decembrie Boulevard - near the intersection with Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard.

The project is funded under the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. This investment is part of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Deva Municipality, which seeks to fulfil the following strategic objectives:

  • Safety and security - improving public awareness on traffic safety, which also includes increasing the safety of pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Healthy environment - reduction of air pollution, reduction of noise pollution, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from motorized road traffic, and increasing the use of alternative modes of transport and public transit;
  • Quality of the urban environment - urban regeneration of public spaces by expanding pedestrian areas and bicycle lanes.

The total value of the financing contract is 15,923,832.74 lei (3 293 212.63 euros), including VAT. The investment will go for the purchase and installation of bicycle parking racks, surveillance cameras for the bicycle parking, purchase and installation of bicycle rental system (including bikes), installation of equipment measuring the number of pedestrians/cyclists who use the new lane and sidewalks.

Likewise, there will be actions to raise public awareness about the advantages/benefits of using non-motorized modes of transport.



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