The lake already counts with a cool floating platform , Source: Visit Daugavpils

Disabled bathers will be able to enjoy the beach at Stropu Lake

Disabled bathers will be able to enjoy the beach at Stropu Lake

Special facilities to accommodate access to the water will be added by Daugavpils Municipality

Earlier this week, at an extraordinary meeting of the Daugavpils City Council (Latvia), the deputies decided to allocate additional funding in the amount of 4,616 euros for the development of plans, supervision and works for the construction of a bathing place for people with special needs at Stropu Lake. This will make the leisure area more accessible and truly inclusive by giving the chance to all residents to enjoy a day at the beach.

Stropu Lake is the largest water body in the municipality

The total contract price is nearly 170,000 euros. The funds are allocated from the basic budget program "Contingency Expenditure". Additional funding is needed because as a result of the procurement procedure a larger amount was offered than the one planned in the municipal budget.

The construction of the facilities has to comply with safety standards and regulations regarding public buildings and spaces. There will be a non-slip ramp that will gently lead from the beach into the water allowing people with wheelchairs to use the walkway. It will also be equipped with handrails that can be also safely gripped even when a person is in the water.

Furthermore, there will be a special changing room equipped to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility. Construction materials will be suitable for the intended use and resistant to weather conditions and vandalism. It is possible that in wintertime the structures will be disassembled and removed for storage.

It is planned to carry out construction works and install the necessary equipment by October this year. The delay in starting work was due to a complaint from one of the tenderers to the Procurement Monitoring Bureau.



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