Put on the VR glasses and take on a journey through time and space, Source: Eternelle Notre-Dame - 2021

Discover Notre-Dame cathedral with immersive VR experience

Discover Notre-Dame cathedral with immersive VR experience

Discover it in video and images

Eager to see how the progress on the renovation of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral is going? Or are you simply willing to remember it as it stood before the blazing fire disfigured it in April 2019? As of tomorrow, 15 January, you will get the chance to do all of this and learn much more about the iconic Parisian landmark, thanks to the latest addition to the city’s cultural offer. Immerse yourselves into an exciting new experience in virtual reality called  Éternelle Notre-Dame (Eternal Notre-Dame).

Exploring Notre-Dame cathedral as vividly as possible with virtual reality

From 15 January to 21 December 2022, one can enjoy a unique encounter with the finest Gothic cathedral of Paris, thanks to modern digital technologies. A new exhibition represents an entirely digitalised vision of the building. The exhibition presents it from the times of its construction to the renovation of today, telling its best-kept secrets, introducing the personalities that marked its history and the key events that shaped the monument’s appearance, and which have defined its eternal cultural value.

The exhibition is suitable for all audiences and can be seen at Espace Grande Arche in the famous business district La Défense (some 10 kilometres away from the actual Cathedral). It can be seen only on-site from Tuesday to Sunday, between 12:00 to 20:00.

It will then move in spring to Île de la Cité, and finally – in the autumn of 2022 - it will take place in the forecourt of Notre-Dame itself. After this, the experience will take on a journey through France and Europe.

Tickets cost 30 euro for adults, 20 euros reduced rate (students, unemployed, disabled, retired) or groups. The organisers commit to donating 30% to the restoration of the monument, so every visitor becomes a donor.

The effort is realized by Orange Group and Amaclio Productions in partnership with the Diocese of Paris, the public establishment in charge of the restoration of the cathedral, and the City of Paris.

Finally, at the Espace Grande Arche in La Défense, visitors will also have free access, prior to their visit, to a 500-m2 space dedicated to the cathedral, its history, and its construction site.

Watch images and a video in the gallery above to get a glimpse of the exposition from your own sofa.



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