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Drink-for-litter exchange scheme protects the allure of Rotterdam's Kralingse park

Drink-for-litter exchange scheme protects the allure of Rotterdam's Kralingse park

A full bag of trash can get you a free beer at the bar

An interesting and rather generous initiative can be found at one of the catering establishment at Kralingse park near Rotterdam: whoever collects a bag full of litter can get a drink for free at the Beach house, the municipality announced. By doing this, the entrepreneur and the local authorities want to motivate visitors to take an active part in the preservation of the wooden park surrounding the Kralingse Park lake.

Keeping Rotterdam clean together

Even a bag full of trash is worth something to business owners- especially when the bag helps restore the natural beauty of Kralingse Bos & Plas, a favourite place for rest for many Rotterdam residents and visitors, single joggers or entire families looking for a break from the hectic atmosphere of the city.  

However, the high number of visitors, especially when the weather is pleasant, leads to high levels of litter. Hence, a local entrepreneur decided to stimulate guests to maintain the cleanliness in the forest by complimenting them for their efforts.

As Rotterdam authorities announced on their website, at Beach House Kralingse Bos, visitors can now pick up a waste cutter and a garbage bag to collect litter. Handing in a full bag of litter at the catering establishment will give them the right to either a free a cup of coffee or other kinds of drinks as a gesture of thanks.

Luckily, the drink-for-trash exchange is just one of the many initiatives that have been put in place in order to to keep Rotterdam clean. There is a similar scheme operating at Hoek van Holland beach where in exchange for a bag full of used bottles visitors can get ice cream, a cup of coffee, or a small gift - on top of feeling good about themselves for protecting the sea from plastics.

Finally, Rotterdam invites everyone to join the local collection efforts meant to keep the environment clean next Saturday 19 September for the World Cleanup Day – the largest global cleanup event of the year which in 2019 brought together 20 million people from 180 countries.



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