A driver charging their vehicle at a new station in Athens, Source: Kostas Bakoyannis on Facebook

Drivers in Athens to charge their electric vehicles for free for 1 year

Drivers in Athens to charge their electric vehicles for free for 1 year

The Greek capital now has 25 publicly accessible charging points in 19 different areas

On 9 December, the Greek capital proudly announced the launch of a new green initiative that will help the city reduce air pollution and harmful emissions. More specifically, the municipality shared that it has collaborated with MYTILINEOS’ Power & Gas Business Unit Protergia to install a large network of publicly accessible electric vehicle chargers. As such, there are now 19 areas with a total of 25 charging points for hybrid and electric vehicles.

To make it easier for citizens to access the stations, Protergia has further launched the mobile application “Protergia Charge App” where users can find the nearest charging points.

Promoting the use of green vehicles

It is not surprising that a lack of charging infrastructure can hinder people from purchasing hybrid or electric cars. With the installation of this large and modern network, however, it is expected that more citizens will choose to switch to green vehicles. 

To make this environmentally friendly option even more appealing, the municipality has announced that drivers will have the opportunity to charge their electric cars for free for one year at all the new stations. Commenting on the new green initiative, Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis shared:

“At a time when sustainable mobility is a crucial factor for the resilience of cities, initiatives such as this one set the tone of the new era for Athens. […] The strengthening of e-mobility in the capital, combined with other major interventions such as traffic-calmed areas, cycle lanes, walking paths, and upgraded sidewalks, is the image of a green and sustainable Athens.”

It is important to note that Protergia has implemented this project under the “Adopt Your City” programme. Expanding on this, it is responsible for the donation of the necessary charging equipment as well as the management system which allows remote monitoring of all the charging stations. 

In the future, the Greek capital hopes that the network of charging points will cover all seven municipal districts. In this way, Athens seeks to motivate citizens to switch to green vehicles that will help tackle the climate crisis. 



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