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Dublin Winter Lights are back!

Dublin Winter Lights are back!

The lighting spectacle encompasses 21 locations across the city linked by two walking trails

‘Dublin Winter Lights’, the lighting spectacle which has been magically transforming the Irish capital for Christmas since 2018, has returned. The Lights, an initiative of Dublin City Council, were switched on last week and will remain in their locations until 1 January 2022.

Five new locations, photos of volunteers

21 locations accessible by 2 walking trails have been given a fairytale look using multi-coloured projections and lighting displays. This year, five new locations have been added to the show, including the historical Liberties area, and Merrion Square Park.

As part of the programme, the photos of 76 people who do volunteer service to their local community, including sports coaches, Tidy Towns volunteers and charity workers, will be rotationally projected on the sails in Smithfield Square.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland shared her delight in seeing the lights back in action: “I’ve been a huge fan of ‘Dublin Winter Lights’ ever since it began in 2018. The contrast between the bright lights and the dark evenings makes for a stunning backdrop to the city. I am delighted to see representative photos of so many of our community volunteers on the light sails of Smithfield Square. They really are the heart of every community.

Our Childrens Wall on Barnardo Square will project entries from our recent Children’s Art Competition. We all need a bit of colour in our lives so I would encourage Dubliners to visit the city-centre and take in as many locations as they can. I know that’s definitely something I’ll be doing this festive season!”

Caring for the environment

This year, no diesel generators are being used to power the lighting installations. Where main power is not available, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil fuel made from fully renewable waste materials comes into play. This alternative energy source ensures reductions in CO2 emissions (up to 90 percent), particulate matter (up to 86 percent), and nitrogen oxide emissions (up to 30 percent).

The eco-friendly lights feature 157,800 low power LEDs, 100 tonnes of equipment and 15,780 metres of cable. The majority of the installations use LED powered lighting in three versions:  300W, 400W and a new 500W, which has replaced last year’s 2500W bulb.

This has significantly reduced power usage. That of Custom House, for example, has come down to 12KW from last year’s 40kw, while the completely LED-equipped Samuel Beckett Bridge is now using a total of 2KW (the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner).

The 24 projectors used in Smithfield incorporate a new laser technology which allows them to draw a total of 13 amps - the equivalent of a standard domestic socket.

All materials and branding used in ‘Dublin Winter Lights’ are recycled from year to year. The lighting is stored in wooden crates each year, and no disposable plastics are used.



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