Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik: the city's first luxury hotel, Source: Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik: 3 exceptional hotels offering luxury and tranquillity

Dubrovnik: 3 exceptional hotels offering luxury and tranquillity

Spend this summer at the city’s first luxury hotel, the summer residence of a 16th-century aristocratic family, or a contemporary gem

The outbreak of COVID stole two summers from our lives. So, it is not surprising that tourists are more eager than ever before to pack their bags and travel now that countries have dropped their restrictions and opened their borders. With the warm and sunny days rapidly approaching once again, people from all over the world have started planning their summer vacations.

Those who are searching for peace and tranquillity, stunning views of the sea, and delicious gastronomical offers can find everything they desire in Croatia’s Dubrovnik. To help tourists plan their long-awaited trips, TheMayor.EU has searched for and found 3 exceptional and luxurious hotels that guarantee to provide guests with unique experiences.

Hilton Imperial DubrovnikHilton Imperial Dubrovnik's exterior (Source: Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik)

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik: The city’s first luxury hotel

Overlooking the ancient city walls and the beautiful Adriatic Sea, the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is one of a kind as it is only a few steps away from the Old Town but also far enough to offer peace and quiet. Although the hotel's interior is modern and inspired by 1920s glamour, it has a rich history that dates back to 1897.

Hilton DubrovnikSummer terrace lounge (Source: Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik)

“First opened in 1897, Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik was the first luxury hotel in the Dubrovnik area. It introduced many innovations, such as running hot and cold water, bathrooms, electricity, a special salon for ladies, and among many other contemporary features of that era, guests were served for the first time by professionally trained staff. 

To this day, innovation, success, and charm of a bygone era are maintained on the highest levels, making this iconic hotel equally exceptional today as it was 125 years ago,” commented the Marketing Executive at Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, Mia Miloslavic.

Hilton DubrovnikKing executive suite (Source: Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik)

When asked how COVID will impact the guests’ experience and stay in the hotel, Miloslavic further explained that life in Croatia is back to normal since the government’s latest decision lifted all restrictions.

Hotel KazbekHotel Kazbek (Source: Hotel Kazbek)

Hotel Kazbek: A protected cultural monument from the 16th century

Hotel Kazbek offers the ideal stay for tourists who appreciate history and authenticity. Although travellers can now spend a night in this hotel, it was the summer residence of a wealthy family many centuries ago.

Hotel KazbekHotel Kazbek (Source: Hotel Kazbek)

“Our Hotel Kazbek was a summer residence of a famous Dubrovnik aristocratic family from the 16th century. The palace is now a protected cultural monument and has been renovated with care and respect for its dignified history.

Just to add to the historical experience, each single piece of furniture in Kazbek has been handmade in order to achieve the true old Dubrovnik feeling of the highest class,” explains Hotel Kazbek’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Vinka Kelava.

hotel kazbekA suite in Hotel Kazbek (Source: Hotel Kazbek)

Taking this further, Kelava shared that Hotel Kazbek is one of the very few places in the world that offer tranquillity and intimacy in a busy tourist destination. When staying at Hotel Kazbek, guests can step into the shoes of wealthy aristocrats and experience the slower, more private side of Dubrovnik.

Villa DubrovnikVilla Dubrovnik's exterior (Source: Villa Dubrovnik)

Villa Dubrovnik: A modernist gem

Tourists who want to admire the rocky landscape and waters of the Adriatic in a modern and luxurious hotel must turn to Villa Dubrovnik. With its pristine white architecture and its contemporary décor, Villa Dubrovnik is a modernist gem that is perfect for those who wish to sit back and relax.

Villa DubrovnikLoft suite in Villa Dubrovnik (Source: Villa Dubrovnik)

“Villa Dubrovnik is one of the icons of Croatian hospitality since we joined the market in 1961. The hotel’s rich history, outstanding level of customer service, and magnificent location overlooking the Old Town of Dubrovnik and the Island of Lokrum make it the primary choice for accommodation in the city.

We are surrounded by century-old Mediterranean pine trees and citrus trees, and we have our own herbal garden. This, combined with the scents and sounds of the sea, creates a unique experience for our guests,” explained Villa Dubrovnik’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Ivan Rudolf Gajić, when asked what makes the hotel stand out.

villa dubrovnikRomance suite in Villa Dubrovnik (Source: Villa Dubrovnik)

Going further, Gajić disclosed that Villa Dubrovnik has also created its own unique Experience Guide to present guests with the best of the Croatian destination.

Whether you choose to unwind in the modern hotel Villa Dubrovnik, experience laid-back luxury in the protected cultural monument Hotel Kazbek or dive into a bygone era at Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, you will certainly have an unforgettable stay.



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