Upgrades to Dubrovnik's kindergartens

Dubrovnik kindergartens receive new laptops to facilitate digital education

Dubrovnik kindergartens receive new laptops to facilitate digital education

The project through which they were procured was funded entirely by the EU

In the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, additional IT equipment has been purchased for its kindergartens as part of the "City FOR children - improving services and conditions for children in the system of early and preschool education in the city of Dubrovnik" project. The order includes 15 new laptops with a total value of HRK 119,100.00, which were financed entirely by the European Union from the European Social Fund.

Facilitating digital education in times of a pandemic

Some IT equipment was previously procured at the beginning of the project implementation, namely video surveillance gear as well as laptops and a projector for the Pčelica kindergarten. In the meantime, the number of online training sessions aimed at strengthening the professional competencies of kindergarten staff has increased, and communication with parents through digital technology has become more frequent.

The new computers will allow educators and the professional service of kindergartens to better implement all planned activities and thus offer a better level of service in preschool institutions.

The municipality of Dubrovnik also points to the fact that in the previous period, equipment for arranging the DV Pile playground was purchased, as well as equipment for conducting the Montessori program and gear for a new sports curriculum and a sensory room with a total value of HRK 820,000. Kindergartens also received a delivery vehicle worth 136 thousand kuna.

Furthermore, an afternoon shift was introduced, as well as work on Saturdays in certain kindergartens, providing services in the kindergarten on Lopud. Meanwhile, during the summer, numerous educators, assistants, employees in technical staff and other professional staff such as psychologists were employed, and numerous trainings were financed. for which the professional service of the kindergarten expressed interest.

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