Dubrovnik’s 71st annual summer festival picks up on 10 July

Dubrovnik’s 71st annual summer festival picks up on 10 July

It will be held as previously announced but at a reduced capacity due to the uncertain epidemiological situation

With the lifting of coronavirus-related restrictions in Croatia, one thing has become clear – Dubrovnik’s annual summer festival will be able to proceed according to schedule, albeit at a reduced capacity.

The pandemic had put many events that had been months in the works into question but thanks to the exemplary efforts of citizens and governments across Europe, the crisis has been contained and has subsided to a large degree. That, in turn, has given an opportunity to organisers of many festivals to resume preparations for their events, while simultaneously taking into account the unprecedented situation that they find themselves in.

A summer to behold

Amidst these extraordinary circumstances, Dubrovnik will host its 71st annual summer festival, starting on 10 July and continuing up until 25 August. Visitors to the events and to the city will be greeted with a plethora of different performances – including over 50 theatre, music, dance and folklore pieces.

Due to the coronavirus situation, however, there have been a number of changes to this year’s edition of the summer festival. First and foremost is that it will have to comply with the strict epidemiological and hygienic measures that are in place. Efforts made by the city and the organisers to inform participants and visitors will be crucial to the safety of all citizens of Dubrovnik throughout the festival.

The festival’s budget has also taken a substantial hit. It has been reduced by nearly 70% compared to last year’s budget, amounting to some 6 million kuna. Most of the remaining funding comes from a handful of private sponsors and the Croatian Ministry of Culture, as other enterprises’ financial difficulties prevent them from sponsoring the annual event.

Nonetheless, the very fact that the 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival is even taking place in these circumstances, is a great success for everyone involved. And despite the circumstances, organisers believe that everyone attending will have great fun and be able to enjoy themselves – especially in the aftermath of the corona crisis.




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