Dubrovnik cargo bikes , Source: City of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s city companies receive new cargo bikes through sustainable mobility project

Dubrovnik’s city companies receive new cargo bikes through sustainable mobility project

They will make the operations of the recipients more environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long-term

As part of the EU project City Changer Cargo Bike (CCCB), the City of Dubrovnik procured four electric cargo bikes, two for the needs of Čistoća, one for the company Vrtlar and one for the city administration. They were presented to the public earlier this week, together with the advantages of their use in the area of ​​the historic centre, where the pilot project is being implemented, and where the use of such bicycles for delivery could make everyday life easier for caterers, traders, delivery services and citizens.

Going with the trend

The use of cargo bicycles across EU cities has proven to be a very successful model for solving the problem of unloading cargo, especially in their pedestrian zones. Through this project, the CCCB wants to demonstrate the benefits of the solution, raise awareness in the public and private sectors, reduce pollution and congestion with motor vehicles, and improve the safety and use of public areas.

In the coming period, workshops and trainings will be conducted on the benefits of this type of transport for employees of companies that use them. Due to the situation with the epidemic caused by COVID-19, the project was extended for six months and will last until February 2022.

"Given that this is a pilot project, we will see how everything will come to life together and whether we will go further in the procurement of new electric cargo bikes. This project, among other things, financed the salaries of three employees of the City of Dubrovnik in the period from 2018 to 2022, when the project ends, training and all project materials.

And with this project, we continue to work on the transformation of the city by turning to the technology of electric vehicles, which are the vehicles of the future. In cooperation with HEP, charging stations for electric vehicles are being set up, we are also preparing an electric bus project, the car-sharing project has come to life quite well considering the overall situation with the pandemic", said Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković.

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