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Dubrovnik silences the click-clack of rolling suitcases with a ban

Dubrovnik silences the click-clack of rolling suitcases with a ban

The measure takes a stab at the irritating phenomenon, which disturbs residents and creates noise pollution

Once legal amendments made it possible for local governments in Croatia to regulate and sanction noise infractions, the City of Dubrovnik was fast to jump on the opportunity. A series of new measures announced by Mayor Mato Frankovic stipulated that, among other things, it will be illegal for people to roll their suitcases through the cobbled streets of the historic old quarter.

Heavy or not, tourists should pick up the suitcases by the handles and carry them.

What’s more, the local government has looked into all the habitual noisemakers and stipulated restrictions on them as well. For example, cafés, restaurants and bars will have to take measures to keep their outdoor terraces quiet, plus they only are allowed a certain number of tables outside. They also run the risk of fines in case of infractions, plus the risk of having their outdoor areas closed for 7 or 30 days, or even permanently

There is even a sound limit established

The authorities have decided that the noise levels on the street must not go above an established limit – and that limit is 55 decibels in the evening hours.

The sound barrier is specifically aimed at street musicians, who will have to turn down their sound systems. Likewise, loudspeakers will be taken down from catering establishments.

Changes will also be made to the delivery system to the historic city centre. Currently, deliveries are only allowed between 5:00 and 7:30 in the morning and no more than 10 trucks are allowed to be in the centre at the same time.

The city plans to take over these deliveries, acquiring electric vehicles and hiring staff, especially for this purpose. The same vehicles and couriers will also take tourists’ luggage to their accommodations.

The latter measure actually describes that it’s not all bans and prohibitions and that the government plans to implement some new benefits to aid with the changes. For example, tourists will be allowed to store their luggage in places outside of the old town, from where it will be transported. That, however, might take some time to implement and might not happen this summer season.

Editorial note: Due to the international interest that the news about the restrictions on wheeled suitcases in Dubrovnik has caused, the local authorities of the Croatian city have launched a campaign to clarify the situation. They would like to emphasize that no financial fines will be imposed on tourists with noisy suitcases and that the aim is to raise awareness about the noise regulation in the city rather than to sanction visitors and their luggage. TheMayor.EU apologizes for incorrectly stating that a fine would be levied in such cases.

Nevertheless, local regulations do make provision for the financial penalization of tourists and residents in case they are found to be behaving improperly. You can read what constitutes improper behaviour in this article.



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