The house memorial, where the young Jewish girl spent several years in hiding, will be a polling station for a day, Source: Depositphotos

Dutch citizens can cast their votes in Anne Frank House and other landmarks

Dutch citizens can cast their votes in Anne Frank House and other landmarks

The Netherlands is holding its general elections on 22 November

One week from now, on 22 November, Dutch voters will head to the polls to elect their representatives for the country’s parliament in the hope of forming a new government. What’s a bit unusual this time around is maybe not so much the parties vying for the citizens’ choices but the polling stations where residents of Amsterdam can go to perform their democratic duty.

The city has unveiled a digital map and a list of voting locations on the territory of its electoral region, including Weesp and among them, you’ll find places, such as the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, which are usually there to attract tourists and visitors from abroad rather than serve as administrative centres.

But the Amsterdam authorities have decided that election day is also the perfect opportunity to let Amsterdammers visit and rediscover some of the iconic sites of their city, which are normally the domain of tourists.

A selection of some interesting Amsterdam polling stations

Residents can decide for themselves where they would like to cast their vote. The only thing the local authorities are reminding them is to bring their voting card and ID and go between 7:30 am and 9:30 pm (although some stations have different hours).

Here are only some of the interesting and unusual polling stations where citizens can go vote next week:

  • Anne Frank House - The museum in memory of Anne Frank and her Jewish family who went into hiding during the Second World War. Its management has said that they will have extra security due to the heightened tensions environment linked to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war;
  • De Werf petting zoo - Voting between goats, ponies, mini pigs, peacocks, chickens and guinea pigs: how fun is that? De Werf petting zoo also has an animal hotel where rabbits and guinea pigs can stay when their owners are on holiday;
  • Hofkerk church – This brick cruciform basilica with a wide central nave and low side parts has a wooden roof. Inside, no fewer than 144 stained glass windows are visible. This church became a national monument in 1999 and was subsequently extensively restored;
  • The Van Gogh Museum - it's one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands. And not just because of the beautiful works that hang there. Just pay attention to the architecture. The entrance building alone is worth it;
  • Wispe Brewery - What could be better than voting in a large brewery housed in a large, monumental church? Cast your vote here and then enjoy the beautiful, historic city centre of Weesp.

If you want to consult all the available polling locations in Amsterdam, check out this handy digital map, provided by the city.



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